Technology is a great thing ... except when it's not. And sometimes, the line is a little blurry. Especially when you're talking about a young girl with a new smartphone that could expose her to a world of brand-new risky temptations.

That's what's at the heart of this week's Couples Court case.

Dear Rik and Michele:

My wife and I are at odds over how to handle our 12-year-old daughter's new smartphone.

I believe we should install software that allows us to secretly track the phone so we can see her apps and the text messages she is receiving. My wife disagrees and says we need to trust our daughter until she does something wrong. But I say it's too late by then!

My wife also thinks the tracking apps are a violation of our daughter's privacy. Again, I disagree and say it is good parenting.

Can you ask parents what they think. Who's right, me or my wife?


Tough call, jurors? Let's see how it goes in court Thursday morning.

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