It's not exactly a heat wave that we're being cautioned about.

However, it's the first time this season we'll see temperatures hitting the century mark, and the problems caused by excessive summer heat exposure are serious enough to warrant a warning.

The National Weather Service Issues Heat Advisory for Yakima and Central Washington

The National Weather Service regional office in Pendleton, Oregon has issued a heat advisory for our area until 11 pm this evening. Here in Yakima, temperatures are expected to hit right around 100 degrees, while some portions of the region will see temps up to 106 today.

Nobody is complaining, since we all remember last year there were records set for a stretch of days in June all well above 100 degrees. After a chance of thundershowers this evening, the next few days should drop back down into the 80s with gusty winds expected to accompany the more normal temperatures. By Friday, we'll see highs back in the low 90s.

Summer Heat Reminders

Be prepared for hot weather and take precautions if you will be outside during our hot summer days. Experts agree that you should always stay hydrated, wear light loose clothing, keep pets inside if possible and always be sure they have plenty of water and shade when outside. If you work outside, staying hydrated is extremely important, as are frequent rest breaks where you can either find shade and a cool drink or go inside an air-conditioned space and cool down.

It's also a great idea to check on neighbors, friends, and family members during a heatwave, especially seasoned citizens and those whom you know that don't have air conditioning. And please, if possible keep your pets home and inside, and DO NOT leave them in the car for ANY length of time.

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