Yesterday was national signing day for hundreds of NCAA football recruits.
What is already an emotional day for friends and family as well as the young adults heading to college on scholarship was ratcheted up a notch when Hanahan (South Carolina) High Defensive End and three-star recruit Cooper Dawson brought his friend Kingsley Feinman to the podium to help him reveal which school he was committing to.

Feinman suffers from cerebral palsy but became an inspiration to Dawson when the latter tore his ACL in his senior year of high school. Dawson said that Feinman taught him that the only disability is "a bad attitude."

In the video, Dawson whispers his selection into Feinman's ear and then lets Kingsley make the official announcement.

The look of joy on the boy's face when he becomes the very first to know Dawson's intention is priceless.

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