Hey here is one way that the Zac Brown Band says THANK YOU!!! Check it out!!


The Zac Brown Band  has a fun way to meet their fans with an EAT and GREET.  The Band gives a selected few of their fans a chance to eat some great food and hang with the band before their show. 

The food prepared by Chef Rusty Hamlin is always phenomenal and cooked right there on site.  Chef Rusty no run of the mill cook,  hails from  Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He  earned an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts, as well as Gourmet Chef and Nutrition degrees from the Culinary Arts Institute of Louisiana. This evenings feast prepared by Chef Rusty included  Zac’ signature recipe Pocket Knife Coleslaw, Cheddar Smashed Potatoes, Lobster Potato Salad, can we say YUMMMMY!! Beef and Pork tenderloin with sauces and rubs that Zac created. The guys from the band walk around from table to table and chatting with the fans while everyone enjoys their meal. Chef Rusty Hamlin will shop the local markets buying locally grown produce where the band is performing to getting things ready for the evenings meal. re the band is performing.  Chef Rusty is currently working on a cookbook.

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