COVID-19 will be forever known as a game changer in 2020. Here’s an understatement – it has upset our applecart (or insert your favorite fruit here). We know it’s early on in this adventure, so allow us to be the first to ask the question - How Has COVID-19 changed us? Changed you?

We are still in the aftermath of this and we have yet to fully realize how much things have changed.

Here are few things to consider.

China Works to Contain Spread of Coronavirus
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Washing Our Hands, Allot More

Warm water and soap KILL COVID Dead in it’s tracks along with other harmful microbes. The mechanics of handwashing early and often along with the taboo of face touching was pounded in our heads. It’s now a habit for most and a good one. One that we most likely keep moving forward. It’s a practice that keep us clean and preventable disease free. It keeps us healthy, productive and clean. If there is a benefit that ‘Rona has given us it’s washing ours hands keeps us clean and healthy.

Sinks To Size

Germs are on our mind

If you are like me, you look at germs with a much greater respect and at the same time, complete disdain. What they can do to the human body is pretty amazing from a scientific perspective. These microbial have been “out of sight, out of mind’, no longer. We see you, but we cant. So we are aware of you now. Challenge accepted!

Charity Distributes Food To Krakow Homeless During Coronavirus Pandemic

Which Mask do I wear with this outfit?

With businesses opening up again, ladies, soon you will asking that question, “Does This Mask Make My Butt Look Big?”

Yep, you will be faced with the task of trying to accessorize with your mask. Do pearls go with cotton masks? How about silver? What kind of earrings go with this mask? Flats? Or heels? Which fashion accessory goes with this outfit and mask?

You may not have asked the question yet – but you will. Oh yes, you will.

Californians Face New Normal Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

No Touchy!

Introverts love this – extroverts, not so much. How Do We Greet Each Other Now?

Are we losing our intimacy?  What’s going to replace the handshake? We don’t know these answers yet – what we do know is the barbaric practice of shaking hands is gone the way of the landline (that’s the  phone thingy on the wall at your grandma’s house that she still has for some reason). Some have suggested the bow (which is prevalent in some cultures). Other say a wave. It’s all gonna be awkward until we figure out how to respectfully greet and acknowledge each other. Until then, hands off! Speaking of which, have you washed them since we last reminded you about 5 mins ago?

Grenfell Tower - One Year On

Disinfect much?

I have a feeling this is gonna be the first habit we drop. It’s a TON of work to disinfect phones, car interiors, devices, workspaces, homes, etc. If you are not working, you might have the time to diinfect, but once we all are back at the grind, this will be the first thing to go. Why not? If you are washing your hands on the reg, you will be able to justify not disinfecting like a mad man / woman anymore.

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Crowds. How are we going to manage this moving forward?

We love to socialize. So this is going to be a bit of a challenge. This temporary reprieve from each other will most likely end soon. So how will we manage crowds? Events? Beer festivals? How about concerts? What does that look like?

Michael Jackson HIStory World Tour

I saw a pic the other day, where a writer talked about Post COIVD Life in 2020. This included wearing “Concert suit”. It looks like a futuristic spacesuit – that includes a helmet. Yeah, a helmet. Is this really the way I see you at Keith Urban at The Gorge next year? A drink in one hand, the other in the air as you dance at the show – in your “Concert Suit”?!? I somehow think this one is also not gonna gain any traction Post ‘Rona. How is that gonna look with your cowgirl/cowboy boots with shorts anyway?

What we will probably see if more Social Distancing and constant reminders to wash your hands during these events. Either way, our concert suits may not change much from the flesh exposing concert attire we are used too.

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That “Look” When Someone Sneezes

You know that look - The one of suspicion with squinted eyes of scrutiny and lack of trust that says “I don’t know where you have been. But great - now I have the Cornona” look.

Take heart. By the numbers, most ARE NOT infected at this point nor are they contagious. Sneezing is a normal body function. Not all sneezes should be meet with skepticism, especially if you practice “safe sneezing’ into the crook of your elbow, vampire style. But we understand your caution and we respect your pre-cautions. This is where the balance of protecting yourself and NOT being a jerk come into play.

Happy juggling!



In all, I think we can agree, we have taken for granted how easy life is in 2020. Stores open 24/7, eating out, seeing a movie or even visiting Mom across town anytime we want was something we never had to consider navigating or think about. Now, we have found a new appreciation for these conveniences and life Pre-Covid.

It has given us the opportunity to truly appreciate what is important – family (well, maybe after quarantine is over), friends and your health.

Life is to be appreciated. We only get one turn at this – let’s make it count be truly appreciating what we have. Oh yeah, and wash your hands.


- All My Best,



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