Breakfast Disaster

My 3-year old daughter, Willow, woke me up by pushing my arm and yelling: "Wake up, Mom!!" in my ears. She then greeted me with a sweet "Happy Mother's Day!" and told me she was very hungry and wanted some pancakes. I told her that she was the one supposed to be making me breakfast on my Mother's Day! We then got dressed and ran over to the grocery store for some pancake mix, real maple syrup, and some blueberries. When we got home, she helped me whip up the pancake batter, blueberries, and some white chocolate chips. I was wondering why the pancake mix didn't look right. Turns out, I had bought some buttermilk BISCUIT mix, not pancakes. Oh well, they still turned out great and we slabbed some delicious syrup on it and enjoyed it with some eggs & salsa.

Courtesy of Long Legs Louise

Cascade Garden's Spring Faire & Surprise Mother's Day Cake With Friends

Next, we jumped in the bath and headed over to the Spring Faire @Cascade Garden. I had to chase her around the entire time and got a little agitated but still enjoyed the free Mother's Day flower and a crazy "magic" show put on by some guy named Ed. One of my good friends, Chantelle, and her three daughters invited us over to their home for some popsicles and even gave Willow and I a surprise Mother's Day cake!

I had the best Mother's Day ever! I hope you and your Mom had just as much fun as we did!