As we head towards another holiday with candy in mind, here some info you need to know. Here is a list of the most popular Easter candy and how much exercise is needed to burn it off. Enjoy!


1 Cadbury Creme Egg  = 171 calories

Will take 15 minutes of intense burpees to burn it off


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Cinnamon Roll = 280 calories

A 30-minute run will burn one off

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Chocolate Bunny = 524 calories

Two spin classes needed to burn one off


5 Marshmallow Chicks = 140 calories

A walk for 39 minutes will burn it off

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15 Jelly Beans = 160 calories

Bicycle for 25 minutes to burn it off


1 Peanut Butter Egg = 80 calories

Swimming for 15 minutes will burn it off