I have a friend, his name is Moses who lives in Prince George in Canada. We were catching up last week and he asked me an interesting question, “How much time do Americans get off work for the Thanksgiving holiday?” I told him "Almost everybody gets Thursday off and MOST get Friday off. Unless you work retail or want that Time-and-a-half money."


I asked him about Thanksgiving Canada. Moses tells me they honor a ‘Canadian Thanksgiving’, to distinguish it from the American holiday of the same name. It’s an annual Canadian holiday on the second Monday in October. He tells me most of the time it’s celebrated on the Sunday before the Monday holiday. This is when Canadians celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year.

Now back here in the States, the usual American Thanksgiving holiday we know and love, may look different this year cuz, ‘Rona.

Many of you will be working on Thanksgiving Friday as times are tough in 2020. A usual 4-day weekend may have disappeared for you. That needs to be respected and understood.


Now you government workers will have it cake as you usually do (at least most of you will). Please don’t rub it in our faces. Yakima City workers, to state employees, we envy you this time of year.

So, what we want to know is, how ma

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ny of you will have a similar Thanksgiving in 2020 as you have had in previous years? Or will it look completely different? Are you planning on seeing your family in person? Will you stay home? Some of you may do Zoom or Facetime to connect with friends and loved ones to keep a distance. I get it.

So what does Thanksgiving look like for you this year?

All My Best,

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