Michele was in Las Vegas last week to see Britney Spears as an anniversary gift from her husband. I don't know what he spent on the tickets, but I know that he got some great seats and went the extra mile and supposedly paid a small fortune.

He didn't realize that as much as he'd already spent, it didn't include backstage passes to meet Britney. I asked Michele why she didn't go backstage and she said that it would cost an extra $1,500.00!

They didn't buy the experience, but it did make me think that there are a lot of people who would to love to meet their idols and would even pay a lot of money.

Take our poll and let us know what's the top dollar amount that you are willing to spend to meet your idol.

We'll compile the results and share with you this week on The Morning Bullpen and don't worry, we won't judge you.

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