For the first time in many, many years, the Seattle Seahawks are not considered favorites to win the Super Bowl, let alone their own division.

That said, very few pundits predicted that the Philadelphia Eagles would end up on top heading into the 2017 season.

What are the odds of the Hawks surprising the "experts" in 2018? Not particularly good. In fact, the Hawks have been given a 0.7% chance of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy by Vegas oddsmakers. Yep. Less than one percent which puts them at #19 out of the NFL's 32 teams. The New England Patriots (yawn!) have been installed as the favorite once again at 16.4%

What is the best case scenario for the revamped Hawks to go all the way? Here is staff writer Bill Barnwell's take on what it will take:

Seattle opens its regular season schedule this Sunday afternoon in Denver.

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