I was ten years old when Mount Saint Helens exploded. It was May 18th, 1980 and a perfectly blue sky became darkened by ash and soot within hours. My family was on a fishing trip in Idaho and we turned around and headed home for safety.

Adults and kids scooped up as much of the ash possible as sentimental reminders or hopes of cashing in and making a profit.

It's 2017, let's see how that Mt. Saint Helens ash is holding up as an investment.

I checked on several E-Bay auctions and discovered that the big St. Helens Ash windfall hasn't quite reached epic proportions yet.

E-Bay Seller Scoobie Doobie has ash for $7.50 a vial ----->Listing

E-Bay Seller Jackalooperancher45 has ash for $5.75 a vial ---->Listing

E-Bay Seller Watsburg has ash for $6.00 a vial ---->Listing

You might as well and go all in at $399.00 and purchase a naked lady wall hanging made from St. Helens ash in Yakima.

I think that's the true find that'll spark conversation at your house --->Listing

The averages don't look good on Mount Saint Helens Ash as an investment, might I suggest a pet rock, sea monkeys, Beanie Baby or a Furby instead?




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