Was doing some research and came across the last few pics I took on my device. These pics are random. And I love me some randomness. Here they are in no particular order. And yes, I will explain them.

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This pic is from our stations "Rack Room". All this stuff in rows and rows of racks is how we get our radio and streaming signals to you. I took this to show Lisa what it looked like since she has not yet seen it. Like most radio rack rooms, they are allot like nightclubs and bars - best to be seen in low light to hide the flaws. Plus when the lights are off, it's beautiful to watch all the lights dance. Sorry I left the light on. I owe you a non-lighted rack room pic.


Last week I went to the store and realized I left my mask. So this is my Plan B. To be more accurate, this is actually a reserator. I either look like I am painting a car, or waiting for an ebola outbreak while looking for the monkey/host (shout out to Dustin Hoffman in 1995's 'Outbreak'!) It gets waaaayyy to much attention for my comfort level. It's also if I am honest, kind of amusing to watch others reactions when it's on.


Took a photo of Elephant Ears for my mom as she had never heard of them. This was from Fair Food Fest.


Snapped the pic of our new Bull Masks. You don't know about them yet, but you will. 


Had a leak under our sink last week. Snapped a pic to get some replacement parts.


It's fun to post your last 5 pics to show others. Give it a shot! What's that old saying? A picture is worth a thousand words? Or in this case, 306.


All My Best,
The JimShow


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