I Tried the Mexican Pizza the Way I Want It and I Loved It

Earlier this week, I wrote about 5 Quick & Spicy Tips for Dating a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza in Yakima. I spoke about how I was ready to be reacquainted with my fast-food lover after nearly two years of being ghosted. Haha! Well, anyway, tonight for dinner I decided to "head for the border" at Taco Bell. I ordered my Mexican Pizza with onions and a side of black beans. I was not disappointed!

I asked for the beans on the side because I wanted to put them on top of the pizza myself. I layered a scoop of the beans on each of the four quadrants of the pizza and then spread some Taco Bell Fire Sauce on top of the beans. I finally took a bite and wow, was I ever back in love!

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza with Onions
TSM/Reesha Cosby

It is hard to fathom but there were several of my Facebook friends who hadn't heard the news that the Mexican Pizza was back on the Taco Bell menu. One of the friends gave a snippy little comment that said something like, "I can't stand them, but I am happy for you. I hope you enjoy it." Attitudes like that are not welcomed on my Facebook page! LOL.

If you have been missing the Mexican Pizza like me, go ahead and indulge! If you stop by a Taco Bell during their "Happy Hour" times, you can even get one of their frozen drinks for a buck. If you aren't a Taco Bell lover and are craving real authentic Mexican food, we have plenty of options here in the Yakima Valley.

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