Lisa and I are getting ready for Cobra Kai Season 3, which starts next month on Netflix, so we are watching the last seasons to catch up. That’s when I came to the conclusion - Cobra Kai's original sensei - John Creese - is the best movie villain of all time.

Why? Because some 40 years later after Karate Kid, I still want to punch him in the face.

A guy from a movie I saw 40 years ago was SO good at his job- I still want to smack him today. It's a compliment to him and his acting skills.

Cobra Kai

No other character in any movie has me wanting to smack them still. I am sure he is a nice guy IRL. But when on camera, he makes me want to deliver some "chin music."

Darth Vader? Meh. And, spoiler alert! He dies!

Hannibal Lecter? Not me. He can eat whoever he wants to. His taste in wine/food pairing never impressed me much. Liver with Chianti? Who does that?

Negan on The Walking Dead. Who cares about a bat adored with barbed wire?

Name as many bad guy as you want - I don't care. NONE of ‘em comes close to Creese. I can’t stand his plastic surgeried face even more than I did in the 80's!

Cobra Kai


Not to mention the "softer gentler" Cobra Kai like commercials where he now runs the "Panda Kai" dojo. I ain't buying it. Biggest movie mistake ever was when Mr Miagi (RIP the awesome Pat Morita) chose to honk on Creese's nose, instead of driving it up into his brain and ending it right there.

Ceese also had that horrible laugh and yellow eyes. YELLOW EYES!! Those yellow eyes are of the devil.


All My Best,

The JimShow

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