Seems like there's nothing much better than ice cream on a hot, summer's day.

From being a child hearing the ice cream truck down the block to gazing at the selection at your local grocery store, there's never any lack of options to choose from.

Be mindful about your selections, however, as there's an ice cream recall in effect for the state of Washington.

Some of these ice cream products are pretty unique and some are ones you'll find just about anywhere.

There seems to be more and more recalls from all products recently but that's a good thing. Thanks to the Internet and new technology to find these faster than ever, we can get news on recalls far before the nightly news or newspaper would get to us back in the '80s and '90s.

Food, baby products, toys, all have reason for recall in the interest of safety.

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When something is recalled, it means it may or can or, on some cases, has caused damage of some kind.

Fortunately there are many recalls where there is reason to believe a product could cause harm so they're done so that you can return the item or send back to the manufacturer.

When there is a recall of any kind, you're asked to discontinue use of the product immediately.

FDA has an ice cream recall as some may contain Listeria which could be bad news to you and your friends and family.

Here are some to look out for.

Ice Cream Recall, Totally Cool, Inc 2024

Ice Cream Recall, Totally Cool, Inc

Gallery Credit: Tammie Toren

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