Imagine, if you would, that Washington State has numerous paranormal sightings from UFOs and flying saucers to people's claims of alien abduction to witnessing activity from our out-of-world visitors. Well, this is a reality for many. Washington has always been known as a great place to see all this, especially around Mount Rainier. With this in mind, I was thinking if we happen to have our own Area 51 to hold said aircraft and other experiments that may happen. Where would we keep something like this? Here are just a few places in the Yakima Valley where we could totally have our own Area 51, so-to-speak.

Couzinet's Flying Saucer

Rattlesnake Ridge
Right when it goes from 60mph to 70mph heading out of Union Gap to the lower valley on the left-hand side you'll find Rattlesnake Ridge. This could be hollow for all we know and that's where they're keeping the fun stuff. It would explain the giant landslide crack on the ridge itself.


The Firing Center
This is honestly the most probable location as it's heavily secured, plenty of military always coming and going and have you noticed anyone you know that works out there never quite says what they do, exactly? Hmm...

Alien spacecraft coming out of the clouds over the sea.

The old St. Elizabeth/Regional Hospital
Hiding in plain sight works almost every time. If it doesn't look like too much interesting stuff is there, nobody will bother with it. Makes sense to me!


Behind the Capitol Theatre
They had the 4th Street Theater for a while but hasn't been used much. There's a lot of place behind the Capitol Theatre so this would make a great place with a lot of room. Classy, too!

If you have any locations, message us through the app and let us know!

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