No one won the Mega Millions jackpot on Tuesday.  Which means that tomorrow, the jackpot will be an all-time record $476 MILLION.  If not more.  Since SO many people want to win, more ticket sales could push it up to $500 MILLION.

Here's just how much money that is.  If you're the only jackpot winner, after you pay the government its cut in taxes... almost HALF, those crooks... you'll still be richer than a bunch of famous people.

You'll wind up richer than MITT ROMNEY, who's worth about $250 MILLION... LADY GAGA, who's worth about $90 MILLION... KENNY CHESNEY, who's worth about $67 MILLION... TAYLOR SWIFT, who's worth about $80 MILLION and TIM MCGRAW, who's worth about $60 MILLION.

And if you're wandering, you'll still be poorer than Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods, Simon Cowell, Bill Gates, Oprah, Adam Sandler, Mariah Carey, and Michael Jordan.

Yeah, the odds are greater that you'll get hit by lightning, but hey, you can't win unless you play!  So do what I'm doing, give up the coffee tomorrow and spend that $5bucks on five Mega Millions lotto tickets.  If you win, you'll thank me;)  Good luck!

The drawing is tomorrow (Friday) at 8:00 P.M. Our time.

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