You would hope to think by now that with so many items being choking hazards we'd have products that there'd be no way of something being a choking hazard anymore, but here we are in the 21st century and, still, we have products aimed for kids that have choking hazards.

I mean, it was never the intention, of course, but certainly during some testing this would have been found out far before it went to market.

Igloo's 12oz Youth Sipper Bottle does indeed have a choking hazard.

Why is Igloo recalling 31,500 Youth Sipper Bottles?

Here's what the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said about this.

This recall involves the Igloo 12 oz. Youth Sipper Bottle. “IGLOO” is printed on the side of the stainless-steel bottle. The bottle’s lid has a silicone cover on the sipper. They were sold in various colors including: pink top and purple body; purple top and pink body; blue top and green body; and green top and blue body.

With that removable silicone slip cover, that becomes a choking hazard.

If you have one of these the website has information and an email address to contact to get your refund and money towards your next purchase.

These sell for between $13-$17 but you should look into getting it returned for your refund.

Fortunately, as of this time, no injuries have been reported. With your recalls we can hope to keep it that way.
If you grabbed one of these, check out the website for how you can get your returned safely.

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