With the public impeachment hearings starting today, some will find it important, others a waste of time. Many will find it boring. So let's make a game of it, and while the world is burning around us, and this is the stuff our elected officials are worrying about, why not drink it up! I give to you, the President Trump Impeachment Game! Note: I do not know much about impeachments, drinking, or peaches, so drink with caution and always use a spotter.

Take a drink every time you hear "Core American Value."

Take a drink every time you hear "Political Witch Hunt."

Take a drink every time you hear "Quid Pro Quo."

Take a SHOT for every "No one is above the law."

Take a drink every time you hear "Whistleblower."

Take 2 SHOTS when a spectator behind the witness Rolls The Eyes.

Take a SHOT when an aide whispers in the ear of their boss/passes a note.

Take a SHOT when a congressperson refuses to stop talking after their time is up.

Take a drink every time you hear the words "Conspiracy," "Cover-up" or "Corruption."
*2 SHOTS if all words are used in the same sentence.

Take a SHOT when the hearing is disrupted by a protester.

Take a SHOT if someone reads one of President Trump's tweets.
*FINISH YOUR DRINK if they read out a tweet the the president posts DURING the hearings.


Drink every time someone admits they were wrong.

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