The other day I heard about this new thing you can do at the Yakima Athletic Club called an InBody 570. It's so much more than just a scale. Think of it like a scale but instead of just a full-body weight it weighs each individual limb (each arm, each leg, etc) as well as water retention, muscle mass, and a lot more.

I know I'm working on my... well, 'retention', so I figure I'd step up and give this thing a test spin.

At first glance, it totally looks like a scale. I mean, sure, by literal definition, it's a scale. I was very happy to see this non-assuming device as when I pictured a device that would measure weight, body fat, muscle mass, and everything else it could do I thought it may pinch and prod and be this uncomfortable machine straight out of a Dr. Seuss book.

Fortunately for me, it's just a scale with places to place your heels as well as the ball of your feet as well as a couple of arms that you just kind of hold onto, placing your thumbs on these metallic pads. No worries at all.

John Riggs
John Riggs

I signed in so I can show progress when I do this again. When the InBody scan started, the whole process took maybe less than a minute. I literally just stood there, holding these arms of the machine waiting for the 'thinking and measuring' song to end.

Here's a video of what went down. Just replace the young, handsome looking guy with the full head of hair in the video with me and the lady chatting with Jenna from Yakima Athletic Club. It's pretty much how it went down.

When it was finished, it printed a sheet of paper so Jenna could go over the results with me. Not in judging or anything, just what it says and what may be some recommended measures depending on my goals.

And that's what I love about Yakima Athletic Club. Everyone has their own goals unique to them and they want to point you in that right direction.

I didn't have specific goals, just to stay consistent. Sure, losing weight would be nice but I'd love to get my cardio back to where it once was.

Here's a sample print-out that was featured on the door of a fictional character.

John Riggs
John Riggs

Interesting to see things like skeletal muscle mass. Things I never even thought of.

Once there, a certified professional at Yakima Athletic Club, in my case it was Jenna, walked me through each listing so there was no confusion, nor was there just a 'welp! Here's your print out, thanks!' She walked me through each segment and how to read it.

It's like my own body's analytics. I can see my own analytics so I know what to work on. Analyze, adjust, and deliver.

Stepping on a scale is one thing if you're a scale-stepper. I've never been one to be concerned what a scale says about my weight as I'm more of a 'hey, this shirt fits better than it used to', but, again, everyone has their own goals. Maybe they want to slim down a bit or maybe they're looking to build more muscle mass.

I'm going back in 6 weeks to check my progress of consistency and hopefully get on track to a healthier me.

If you want to check this out for yourself, I did this at Yakima Athletic Club. It was only $30 and I think it was totally worth it so I could see what's going on inside me. You can ask for Jenna specifically or anyone certified there will be happy to help you. Get registered on their website.

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