Don't look now, but summer of 2020 is slowly slipping away. We're on the backside of the last half of August already and the 'distraction' of all of what has made up 2020 could perhaps cause you to let the summer months slip away without realizing it.

Emily Amy

So much to do in our region - whether you want to go camping, hiking or fishing, the opportunities abound in Eastern Washington and we've assembled just a few suggestions for you here.


CLEAR LAKE: I recently fished this little yet beautiful lake (near Rimrock in Yakima County) and there are plenty of nice sized trout to be caught. There are places to launch a boat or fish from the bank.

Brian Stephenson

MOSES LAKE: Growing up in Wenatchee, we were not far from this fishery and there are plenty of opportunities here in this body of water which spans more than 6,000 acres. I always check with a lifelong friend of mine who resides in Moses Lake before I go - but rest assured there's always great fishing for everything from Rainbow Trout to Walleye to Large Mouth Bass. Many places to launch your boat or fish from shore.

Emily Amy

DUSTY LAKE: This little fishery has a special place in my heart - not only because I've caught many a rainbow and brown trout there - but it was the location of a memorable fishing trip with my dad, my father-in-law (both of whom were WWII Vets and are gone now) and my son - who, at the time was 6 1/2 and now is 32! He caught a lunker for the ages. Dusty Lake is just a little East of Quincy off White Trail Road in the Quincy Wildlife Recreation Area.

Townsquare Media / John Taylor

Lots of hiking and camping opportunities as well - we'll cover those before the weekend.

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