Washington State is a rainforest with many beautiful cities residing within it. However being inside a rainforest there's a good amount of animals that run wild, these animals have been in the state long before we put down our roots and called them home.

With these animals running around we don't think twice when we see some of them, but we should since they don't belong in the state. That's not saying we want to get rid of them but they're not native to Washington state and got here another way. This list will show you the 5 animals that aren't native to Washington but have been brought here.

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5.) Feral Hogs (Pigs)

That's right, feral hogs are not native to Washington state, but were actually brought over in the early days of America, Spanish travelers introduces the wild boars in the 1500s, later more of the hogs were brought for people to hunt in order to survive the early settlement days. They of course made their way into Washington state.

4.) Pythons

In case you didn't know, pythons are only native to Asia, Africa, and Australia, but then why are they found in the united state? People from all over decided to start adopting baby pythons as pets, over time people could no longer care for them and would just release them into the wild. Florida has more of an issue with this than Washington, but oddly enough Pythons have been spotted and captured inside Washington.

3.) Black Widow Spiders

Once again not native to the PNW but somehow are spotted and killed. The Black Widow spider is one of the most deadly in its arachnoid family, some are spotted commonly around eastern Washington but very few are seen in western. Once again people transported plants or other items such as lumber, or any other places you might find a hidden nest.

2.) Northern Pike

These Fish are not native to Washington state by any means but if spotted must be reported or killed as they hunt sport fish in Washington such as bass, trout anything that they may be able to get their mouth on. They're highly invasive and dangerous for Washington States Eco System.

1.) Giant Murder Hornets

Go figure "Giant Murder Hornets" aren't native to Washington, but somehow have found their way into Washington. A species discovered in Japan has made its way to the states and Western Washington. Few nests have been spotted and healthy, but in 2020 it was an early panic of people thinking a full invasion was happening. Luckily the nests that have been found were quickly healthy. The Queen of these hornets can grow over 2 inches wide and long and its offspring is extremely dangerous for other species and vegetation in Washington state, if spotted must be reported.


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