Why? I am asking semi-sarcastically. I like the idea of trying re-inventing traditions. I mean, I am all experimenting with good intentions, logical reasons and predictable outcomes, but c'mon! It’s Christmas! Can we just leave that alone?

I am drawing a line.


There. I drew it. Don't cross it. I did - but, I don't play by the rules.

Christmas is sacred. The Baby Jesus came did his thing. The end. That simple. Don't mess with dude’s birthday man! Would you like someone messing with your birthday? NO! So don't mess with his!

I mean, what has Christmas ever done to you anyway? Oh yeah - given you snow days. Christmas Vacay/Winter Break and lots of you presents a spoiled brat like you didn't deserve (Ok, ok I am speaking for me there).

So we all agree there? We all good on protecting the baby Jesus birthday?


Next we address the bridge of the winter holidays. There is an interesting contrast betwixt the three winter holidays each about 30 days apart. But before you even think about bridging your holiday tree, there are things to consider. I mean, you gotta know the rules.

We start will all Hallows Eve. Sounds mildly evil right? Named after the premiere night of evil, where darkness is experimented with, considered and in some cases abused. It's a dark night.

The next holiday, Thanksgiving, is the neutral territory. It's boring, but challenges the fulcrum of it previous holiday sparing us the jolt of going from one to another. More to the point, Thanksgiving is like Grandmas house - it's warm, safe and boring. You know there’s more, and you also know there is more to come.

Then BAM! The Granddaddy of all Holidays, Christmas is here to balance this all out. With its innocence, hope, magic, thoughtfulness, love, light - the direct opposite of Halloween.

So Bridge your holidays away! Let me know how it works out.

All My Best,

The JimShow

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