Upon a co-workers recommendation, we went to a Kings Row in Selah on Friday. Still new to town, we were excited to discover some new eateries. When we got there, we found a car show centered at Kings Row with about 300 people mingling about. We ordered our burgers and I enjoyed an awesome chocolate peanut butter shake. Three words - Uh-MAY-ZING! Don't judge me - it was my cheat day.

As we waited for our food, we looked around at some of the cars. They were nice. In attendance were some classic hot rods, a couple SUPER Cars (a $250,000 McLaren), A BRIGHT YELLOW Lamborghini and a few other cool cars were perched in the parking lot.

Selah 2
The Jimshow at Kings Row in Selah

People of all ages were chatting, having a great time. After a few minutes of being there, I realized a trend. Something looked odd. Something was out of place. It was then I realized - NOT ONE PERSON WAS WEARING A MASK.

Nope, not one. Even the staff at Kings Row were sans mask.
It was a bit surreal.

As I sucked down my chocolate peanut-butter shake, it was if 'Rona never hit Selah. There was no social distancing, no "KEEP YOUR SOCIAL DISTANCE" signs every three feet - and again, not one mask.

Selah 3

How did it feel? Great question. It felt great. I didn’t feel in danger. Fearful for my life? Wasn’t I supposed to be scared? The pretty people on TV tell me I am supposed to be, but I wasn’t. Not at all. Maybe what I was experiencing was that old saying - "ignorance is bliss"?
All I know is, I had very little concern about 'Rona. It was like stepping back in time. It felt, “normal.” As if 'Rona never existed. After all the news coverage and with our country shut down, it was as if Selah never participated in 'Rona.
Am still new to the area, but I LOVE the small town, independent feel that Selah gives off. Their vibe is welcoming warm and friendly. My kind of place.

Selah 1

 I even asked a couple people, if they were concerned about getting Corona. One mid-30’s male told me. “I am responsible, informed and know the risk. Life should not stop because of a virus. I know the risks. I have the ability to choose for myself. We all know the risk and made the decision to be here. Plus, its nice evening with some beautiful cars and good food.”
Selah perfectly sums up the phrases - they march to the beat of their own drummer and dance like no one is watching.

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