Classics are classic for a reason.

We all have them in one form or another and some play out on the silver screen.

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Everybody Loves The Wizard

Now my classic thing may not be your classic, depending on what the thing is and our age difference, but that's the cool thing about classic movies, they cut across the decades and generations.

Just about everyone can name their favorite classic movie, but how does your favorite compare to others in Washington, and how does Washington's favorite compare to the rest of the county?  Somebody actually figured that out.

Tracking Down The Favorites

From Breakfast at Tiffany’s to It’s a Wonderful Life, Coventry Direct set out to explore these much-loved movies and put together a list of more than 50 consensus classics, then ran a Google search on which state's residents searched for what movies over the past year.

Here’s what they found:

  • The most popular classic movie in Washington is....Breakfast At Tiffany’s.
  • Idaho film fans watch The Lady Vanishes while Oregonians identify with Rebel Without A Cause
  • Overall, Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz tied for the #1 spot, winning 7 states each.
  • West Side Story also won in 3 states.
  • Geography and subject matter showed a relationship with The Wizard of Oz as the most popular classic movie in the midwest, (we aren't in Kansas anymore) while The Godfather was the overall winner in the northeast.(New York & New Jersey) and Gone With the Wind ranked as the #1 most popular movie in the South. (Frankly my Dear...)
  • Turns out Musicals were hits throughout the country.
  • There were also interesting state trends. Sunset Boulevard won over California, The Godfather won over New York, and Meet Me in St. Louis won over Missouri.

PS   What are the criteria for a classic in this study?   The movies had to be at least 50 years old..(hey, that makes ME a classic too) ...they had to be a commercial success and they had to have caused at least a small impact on pop culture.

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