It's National Pet Day and I hope you are celebrating with your fur babies tonight. I thought you'd like to meet my pets since you hear so much about them on the radio show.

My family and I have three dogs with each of them having distinct personalities just like your own pets so without further adieu, here's the pets of the Mikals household.

Phoebe Mikals: Phoebe is our nine year old German Hunt Terrier. We got her when she was four years old from some friends that were divorcing. She's our Alpha and as my wife calls her, "My Princess". She is legendary for always finding a way out of any fenced area. We saw her actually scale a fence on our old Prosser farm and twist herself through a tiny opening several feet off the ground. She is a rodent hunter so she's always on the hunt for squirrels. She loves to chase cats too. We can't have a cat or another dog in the house because she rules the roost. Phoebe can do tricks and is always thinking. She can sit, lay down, roll over, shake and snatch a treat from her nose on command.

Phoebe Mikals

Barkley Mikals: Barkley is our 4 year old Border Collie/Brittany Spaniel mix. We got him as puppy and on the Prosser Farm, he fit in perfectly because in my mind, every farm needs a working dog on it. He's got the energy and smarts of a dog of his breed, a natural herder, and can't enough of his ball or anything else he can retrieve. He's smart and usually learns a command one or two times after being told. He does have the biggest bark in the house and the good news, since he is usually secluded, you wouldn't know if he was non-threatening or not if you choose to come on our property unannounced.

Barkley Mikals

Roxy Mikals: Roxy is our 3 year old Terrier/Chow mix. My wife found her on Craigslist where a family couldn't take care of her anymore. Her original name was Gracie but we settled on Roxy. She doesn't get the attention that other two get and I'm thinking she's more like the "Jan Brady" of the pack. Roxy doesn't seem to have the smarts as the other two and prefers to run interference among the two when playing. She has the sweetest heart and loves to cuddle, making her a perfect lap dog. She does have a bad habit of eating underwear so clothes have to be kept up and away from her. She's always adorable when she tilts her head and her coat colors generally resemble a Gremlin or an Ewok.

Roxy Mikals

Our dogs are spoiled but my wife still has a NO-DOG on the bed rule. I disagree but I like to keep the peace, so in our new house, they get to sleep in the spare room away from us.

I hope you enjoy your fur babies as much as we enjoy ours.

Happy National Pet day

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