Do you play pickleball? If so you're playing a very popular and growing sport. It's about to become Washington State's official state sport. The Washington State House approved the measure on Friday and the Senate passed the bill last month so it's now awaiting the governor's signature.

Pickleball courts were opened in Yakima in 2019

When it's signed into law pickleball will join other state symbols like the the state fossil Columbian mammoth and the Olympic marmot, as the state mammal.
Pickleball received a new home in Yakima in 2019 when the city of Yakima opened eight new pickleball courts at Franklin Park. A news release from the city of Yakima says pickleball is "a fast growing sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. It is played either as doubles or singles with paddles and wiffle balls. The Yakima Pickleball Club provided volunteer labor and funding to assist with the project."

Need equipment? A tip? Plenty of that can be found at the Yakima Sporthaus

You want more information about pickleball? Looking for equipment? Stop at the Sporthaus in Yakima. Owner Sig Fossum assisted with the renovation and conversion, applying his experience in renovating other courts in the area. He's a regular player himself.
In 2019 the Yakima City Parks and Recreation Manager Ken Wilkenson told KIT News the courts at Franklin Park needed major renovation work for years. He says a local pickleball group pledged volunteers and funding for the new courts at a cost of about $10,000.
Today the courts are very popular with local players. Every year since the courts were installed the city has held a pickleball tournament for those who love the sport in Yakima.

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