Did you know Pickleball is the official state sport of Washington?

Well, it's no surprise since pickleball, which has gained popularity across the United States, was invented right here in Washington State.

With the rise of pickleball comes the rise of pickleball-related injuries.

Though the field is smaller than a tennis court, it can still cause real injuries, just like tennis, and mostly for the same reasons.

You still have to maneuver around the court to hit the balls back which can cause sprain on the ankles and wrists.

It can even give you 'tennis elbow' (pickleball elbow?) which is never fun.

How to avoid pickleball related injuries

According to Axios.com, there are a few things you can do to hopefully avoid some of these injuries.

Stretching is always a good thing before any type of activity. Not just major sports like running a marathon or playing basketball but even something as simple as going for a walk, it's good to stretch first. Pickleball is no exception.

Proper Equipment
Use standardized pickleball equipment. Try to avoid 'good enough' stuff but use official paddles, for instance. If it's a proper paddle you don't need to grip the fake paddle so hard which causes more stress on your wrists and forearms.

Take Lessons
It can be fun to play and have your friends show you the ropes, so to speak, but it's not a bad idea to take lessons from a trained professional. I know Yakima Athletic Club has done this in the past so that may be a good start. They also have pickleball courts so that helps.

Have fun, but do it safely.

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