Add this to the list of interesting things that have happened in 2020 – Purple Pumpkins.

Those with kids are trying to figure out how to Trick or Trick this year. Will it be safe? What does that look like? Which houses are participating?

Now we have the answer. It lies with Purple Pumpkins.

The trend this year is to place a purple pumpkin on your porch or near your front door to let Trick or Treaters and their parents that it’s safe to go to that house for safe Trick or Treating.

206157-Purple-Pumpkin-Lights gifs

Usually this means they are giving out safe, individually wrapped candy, the home is safe and COVID free.

Now, where can you find these new and somewhat rare purple treats? Look for purple pumpkins at pumpkin patches all over Yakima at this link.


If you can’t find one or they are sold out, consider painting one as a project with your kids, niece’s nephews or grandones. Make some memories just like coloring Easter Eggs! This could be a fun project as part of the pumpkin carving process.


UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION, pumpkins paint well with acrylic or spray paint as they won't crack. Puff paint can be used for certain detailed painting. You can also use a chalkboard paint as a great alternative to decorate after the acrylic or spray paint dries.

pintrest pumpkin

Just make sure you carve the pumpkin before you paint it to cover blemishes. Check out this link to paint it proper.

epilispsy foundation

Enjoy creating memories this Halloween!

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