Now that sun is officially out and about in the Yakima Valley it's time to chill and enjoy some of the finest Wine in the Northwest! I've always been into the really sweet wines, in fact anywhere I go I always ask for the sweetest wine they've got. I love Ice Wine or Rieslings and on a hot summer day it hits the spot every time. What is your favorite kind of wine? Here are the responses from the Bull Facebook page!

Nina Van Amburg: Margaret Alice Masset WInery

Vanessa Neuerburg: Oh my from Lahoma Winery

Krista Whitley Castellarin: Naches Heights Can Can all the way!

Lindsay Carson: Maison de Padgett, Lip Service

Darcy Thompson: Silver Lake Roza Riesling...In my opinion, there's NOTHING better...Locally any way.

Ann Northcott: Budweiser

Vicki Hannon Baker: Anything from my pal Paul Portteus, he's the man!

Malcolm Beard: Darkstar Kana

Bob Girard: I'm partial to" It's Bush's fault"!!!

Kenzie Frank: Naches Heights Can Can. It's a white blend, which we carry by the glass and bottle at Creekside. Revelry Merlot. And the Purple Star Cab Sauv. from Prosser. We carry all of them at Creekside! :)

Kelsey Moran: Lip Service!!

What would you add to the list?