Make plans now to join in on a beloved annual extravaganza this Saturday - an all-ages, complimentary day of fun on the Bale Breaker Brewery lawn, promising an exciting blend of music, food, and beer, all in support of research towards ending ALS. This altruistic cause holds a special place in the hearts of many, including the Bale Breaker team, and to commemorate this, they throw their biggest annual celebration.

The day is packed with live music, an assortment of food vendors, and family-friendly activities, climaxing with the launch of their annual Ales for ALS beer, Bubba’s Brew. For every pint sold during the event, Bale Breaker pledges to donate $1 to the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

What exactly is Ales for ALS?

Launched in 2013 by Loftus Ranches, Bale Breaker's family's hop farm, Ales for ALS is a national philanthropic campaign committed to advancing ALS research by raising funds and generating awareness. Annually, Loftus Ranches, in collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops, donates a distinctive blend of primarily experimental hops to breweries all over the country. These breweries, in return, are encouraged to donate a minimum of $1 per pint brewed to the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

Since its inception, Ales for ALS has been a beacon of hope, sparking awareness and successfully raising over $3,500,000 for research at the ALS Therapy Development Institute. The initiative has garnered support from breweries in 38 states and three different countries, each contributing their unique and delectable beers to the cause. The campaign exemplifies how collectively, progress is achievable, one pint at a time.

via google maps
via google maps

How to Donate and Contribute to ALES for ALS

For those wishing to contribute beyond enjoying a pint, direct donations to the ALS Therapy Development Institute can be made. The institute is at the forefront of scientific research to discover a cure for ALS, and every donation is a step closer to achieving this goal. Your support is invaluable in making a difference in the lives of those affected by ALS. For more information, or to donate, please visit:

ALS has hit my family, and perhaps yours too. So, I always support this cause. Full disclosure: my son happens to be a part of the Bale Breaker Brew Team, so of course, I’ll be there, and I hope you’ll join us for this exhilarating day of fun, beer, and music on the brewery lawn this Saturday from Noon until 9 pm. Let’s raise our glasses to create a world without ALS because together, we can make a difference, one pint at a time.

Brian Stephenson
Brian Stephenson

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