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Amazing Things I've Learned After A Month Of Living In Yakima
I've lived my entire life on the west side of Washington, I thought being a native I knew everything, boy was I wrong. I've lived in Yakima for about a month now and I've noticed a lot and gotten to try a few new things!
Thankfully everyone has been super supportive and willing to take…
Three Things That Shock People About Yakima
If it's happened once it's happened a hundred times. The moment when someone discovers that I live in Yakima and begins asking questions like 'Is everyone in a gang'? I'll sigh and say, no, not everyone. It's strange that perceptions are a reality for people and until t…
Just say cheese, please
Cheese Zombies are legendary in the Yakima Valley and it looks like these yummy sandwiches will be featured this Thursday (June 8) on the Bale Breaker Brewing menu for the day.