I've lived my entire life on the west side of Washington, I thought being a native I knew everything, boy was I wrong. I've lived in Yakima for about a month now and I've noticed a lot and gotten to try a few new things!

Thankfully everyone has been super supportive and willing to take me on some adventures. So I feel like I've got to experience some pretty cool things. I know there's still more out there so if you have any tips or tricks on something I should be trying make sure to reach out!

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Bars and Restaurants

Yakima has no shortage of places to eat or drink, but on the west side, it's a little different. When I lived in Federal Way I noticed there wasn't much for family-owned restaurants or locally owned for that matter. Most are chains and if you want something local you'd have to look for the diamond in the ruff. Yakima on the other hand has places like 2nd Street Grill, Minor Burger, Cowchie Kitchen, and a lot more. of my favorites so far I can't stay away from 2nd Street Grill. So far I've tried the Yakisoba Bowl, Chicken and Waffle Sandwich, and the Steak Medallions. Everything I've eaten was a home run!


I've only got a chance to go to two but both have blown my mind! But what would you expect from a city that produces the most hops than anyone else.

2nd Line Brewing

The Hockey themed brewery was an entire experience in itself, with hockey-style crafted beer and tasty food made right in the kitchen I was beside myself. I tried the Hazy IPA and the Pine Rider. (Wish it was the PineRyder but that's because I'm selfish) both went down smooth and I'm not one for IPA's if I'm being honestly

Bale Breaker Brewing Company

Another amazing place to relax on a hot day and grab a few cold ones. Bale Breaker was the first brewery I had the pleasure of going to when I first got to Yakima. They make some of the tastiest IPA's I've ever had and as I said before usually not a fan. Bale Breaker even offers food trucks from time to time to make sure you have some tasty food to wash down with your beer. Beyond that, it's also family / Dog friendly so whether you wanna bring your kids or your fur babies both are accepted!

I'm on the hunt for more things to try and new places to go, I would love suggestions and tips to discover more in the local area. Feel free to send me your suggestions on the 92.9 the bull app or give us a call on the morning show!

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