Some people think city life is the only way to live, so of course, they live over in Western Washington. However, if they only knew how the Eastern Washington side lived they may reconsider.

In this list, I'll tell you the six things that Eastern Washington just does better. Between the food, lifestyle, and roads, if you live on the east side you'll know exactly what we're talking about here.

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6.) Traffic doesn't make your Miserable

Let's be real here traffic can get bad over in Eastern Washington but it's rarer than an undercooked stake at the Yakima Steak House. (Trust me it doesn't happen) wherein in western Washington you're sitting in an hour traffic to get to the town next to you. The overpopulation in Western Washington has made driving miserable when you're visiting out on that side of the state.

5.) The Food just hits different.

Sure Western Washington has some tasty eats like Beth's Diner and, Dicks Burgers but Eastern Washington is a farm country where the food is always fresh and cooked to perfection. Most restaurants in Western Washington are chain restaurants where Eastern Washington takes pride in their locally-owned restaurants. Sure there are chain restaurants in Eastern Washington but it seems like the people working over here go a little more above and beyond.

4.) The People Are more Friendly

The Seattle freeze is a very real thing, maybe it's the weather or the city life but people tend to be pretty cold and keep to themselves unless you've become a friend, after living in Eastern Washington for about five months and everyone I've come across has been pretty open and nice when it comes to chatting it up or just being friendly. I've made more friends in these five months than in the last ten years over in Western Washington.

3.) Local Businesses are Taken Care of.

Mom and Pop shops are a rarity in Western Washington, gift stores, fruit stands, you name it almost everything on the other side of Washington is owned through a chain of stores, it seems like here in Eastern Washington people hold Mom and Pop stores close to their hearts, even in a day and age of online shopping and corporate stores they still survive due to local support of patrons around Eastern Washington, something you love to see.

2.) Local Beer is unrivaled to anything the Westside has.

Let's be real here, Yakima is the true home of hops especially in the valley, Being one of the largest operations for hops in the country of course we'll have some of the tastiest beer, but that's why it's landed all the way at number 2 on the list. Whether you're over at Balebreaker, 7th line Brewing, Hop Capital Brewing, Single Hill Brewing...look if I name every tasty brewery in Yakima we'll be here a while. Meanwhile, Seattle and Tacoma have some solid places, but I've never been one to enjoy an IPA...until I moved here.

1.) Coffee shops are just better

Coffee is a staple in Seattle let's be honest here, the first-ever Starbucks was opened in the heart of downtown at Pike Place Market. But that was over 100 years ago and now coffee on the west side seems like more of a corporate game, wherein Eastern Washington not only do the shops know coffee they're locally owned and people take pride in their product. I don't think I've gotten a single bad cup of coffee on the Eastside, people take the time and effort to make the best cup possible and I always leave a happy customer and well-caffeinated.

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