This Guy Is The Best Kept #KeepPortlandWeird Secret You Didn’t Know Existed

Have you heard of The Unipiper? He’s wild, he’s weird, and he lives in Portland. Yes, let’s “keep Portland weird” with this one. I think this guy is the best #KeepPortlandWeird secret you didn’t know existed. Or am I merely the last person to hear about this guy? Ever since I ran across one of his social media videos, I have come to think of him as the coolest person I’ve seen on Instagram this whole month!

I have a bad habit of finding things out late; I’ve always been a bit of a late bloomer. I’ve been labeled weird, eccentric, and artsy-fartsy. That could be why I am so drawn to the city of Portland, with all of its “weirdness.”

I am not the only person who is enamored by the weird gravitational pull of The Unipiper, he’s been nominated as Portland’s “Best Mascot”!

Funny thing is, I don’t find anything weird about the Unipiper. Hold up, I take that back. I just found this video of him on YouTube playing “Baby Shark” with his piper. Yeah man, that IS pretty weird!

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The Unipiper even had his own brand of beer, the Unipiper Hazy IPA! It had a 6.2% alcohol level by volume and was sold in New Seasons stores and at Gigantic Brewing (4343 SE Hawthorne, Portland).

The next time you travel through the Portland International Airport (PDX), be on the lookout for a cardboard cutout art display that includes a cardboard silhouette of The Unipiper.

“President @WeirdPDXUnited. Host of @PDXatTheMovies.
Unipiper Hazy IPA is back!” - The Unipiper via Twitter

You can follow our latest mancrush, The Unipiper, on Twitter here or check out his stuff on Instagram. Until next time, we’ll be on the lookout for some more “weirdtastic” people to sightsee in Portland, Ore.

Keep Portland Weird: The Unipiper

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