The Washington food scene was forever changed when this famous Seattle restaurant opened in 1950.


Canlis Restaurant
Canlis via Google Maps

What started off as a small family restaurant in Seattle has become an iconic Washington state institution.

The eatery has been featured in numerous food and wine magazines and news features.

Canlis has also won James Beard foodie awards, including awards for its decor, wine program, and chefs.

You might have even seen the restaurant featured on Top Chef: Seattle! I remember when I saw the episode where the Canlis brothers were critiquing the contestants' food. I was geeking out. How cool is that!

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Canlis (2576 Aurora Ave N) is on the "iconic" list for its top of the perch views overlooking parts of the Cascade Mountains, a marina in Lake Washington, scenic views of Seattle, plus of course, its highly-rated cuisine.

You can get the first taste of "the good life" with the valet service that greets you at the entry way. A prix fixe several-course meal awaits you and your dining companions.

One recent customer noted that they will come back to eat at Canlis when they "win the lottery." (The dining menu starts off at $180 a person.)

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"CANLIS SALAD: The original! If you would like an additional course from our 1950 menu, these are prepared tableside for the entire party." - Canlis

It is the perfect place for a very romantic date - day or night!

This is a fine dining establishment, so you can't just waltz into Canlis in a t-shirt and jeans! Come dressed to impress.

Canlis interior
Canlis via Google Maps

Word to the wise: a window seat is not always the best seat in the house, and that's coming straight from a maître d's mouth!

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