Peek Inside the Abandoned 7-Eleven on Summitview Ave in Yakima

What would you like to see replace the old 7-Eleven on Summitview Ave? It was a very strange day when the 7-Eleven closed earlier this year. The employees were distraught to find out that they would soon be losing their jobs. Customers were irate that they no longer had a place to stop in any given moment of the day and pick up last minute items on their way to and from work.

Old 7-Eleven on Summitview Ave in Yakima
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The old 7-Eleven sign has long since been removed and there is currently no trace that it ever was a convenience store. There is a “Commerical Space For Lease” sign on one side of the gate blocking entry to the other side of the 1512 Summitview Ave location. It is currently listed for sale for $1,100,000 by Sharon Stokes - CENTURY 21 North Homes Realty.

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The commercial realty broker has suggested possible uses for this venue built in 1975, including “a convenience store, restaurant, boutique, flower shop, Fed Ex/UPS Store, toy store, car parts, tutoring center, medical/dental, salon, etc.” Here is what our readers and listeners told us they would actually like to see replace the old 7-Eleven on Summitview Ave.

1 . A Korean Market

2 . Another Convenience Store

3 . Weed Dispensary Store

4 . Dollar Tree

5 . Vape Shop

6 . A Deli Shop

7 . A Native American Restaurant

8 . Some Other Restaurant with Food Not Already Offered in That Area

9 . Another 7-Eleven

10 . Circle K

11 . Bring Back Taco Johns

12 . Knock The Building Down and Build a Store With a Better Parking Situation

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A Peek Inside the Abandoned 7-Eleven Building on Summitview Ave in Yakima


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