For the first time since 1997, The Michigan Wolverines are once again college football's national champion.

Ranked #1 in the country, the Wolverines defeated the #2 ranked Washington Huskies, whose last national championship came in 1991 when they split the crown.

Washington Huskies Couldn't Pull Out a Win This Time

All season long, the Washington Huskies found a way to win in several close games, en route to a 14-0 record, and a spot in the national championship game. Also 14-0, the Wolverines proved to be just too much for the Dawgs and made fewer mistakes down the stretch.

The Huskies gave up way too much, too early, and played catch-up from early in the first quarter. The Husky defense did respond and stiffen up, but the offense behind star quarterback Michael Penix Jr was unable to mount successful drives when they had to. Too many dropped passes, poor throws, a hobbled running back, and mental mistakes at crucial points in the game proved to be the difference.

National Championship - Washington vs Michigan




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