We all have a preference for name brand products and marketers are fighting for those shares of the consumer's dollar every day.

Those of a certain age remember the Pepsi Challenge, a blind taste test started in the mid-seventies and featured in  Pepsi TV commercials during the Cola Wars. They always showed people choosing servings of Pepsi over Coke in unmarked paper cups.

A survey has looked at consumers interest or brand loyalty based on Google searches and sorted the data by state.

So we can see the numbers on brand preference on rivals McDonalds and Burger King to Domino's vs. Papa John's.

Shane Co. even delved into social media and tech to see where loyalties lie.

It's a fun study to examine because the regional preferences emerge.

In Washington state, we prefer Coke over Pepsi by a slim margin, McDonald's over Burger King but not as much as you might think.

When it comes to Starbucks and Dunkin' or Domino's and Papa John's, it isn't close.

Take a look at the comparisons state by state and see how your preferences match up.

For my tastes?  Coke, Burger King, Starbucks, Domino's but I have plenty of other favorites in each category..

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There's more to examine, the Tinder vs. Bumble dating apps, does Spotify or Apple music dominate or Uber vs. Lyft?  Which is your favorite and how do we feel in Washington about the showdown between Threads (by Meta) and X (formerly twitter).

Maybe you are running with the crowd or your choice runs against the trend.

Check out the full report from Shane Co. here 

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