I have a problem with buying Starbucks cups whenever I visit a local Wenatchee Starbucks store, heck I'll even buy a new Starbucks cup when I'm in different states, towns, wherever. Yes, I have a problem.

My problem though has been solved! All these years of buying cups, I was always wasting more cups from Starbucks by using the drive-thru, and then pouring my ordered drink into my Starbucks cup, in turn wasting the cup that was originally given.

Look at this fancy headline I read:

Starbucks Becomes First National Coffee Retailer to Accept Reusable Cups for Drive-thru and Mobile Orders source

That's right!

Bring your reusable Starbucks cups, those fancy beauties out and feel free to use them in the drive-thru! Or mobile Order!

"Starbucks is committed to reduce waste, 50% by the year 2030." Source

I should go through all the cups I have and see how many I actually have. Admittedly, I shouldn't unless I want to face my Starbucks Coffee Cup addiction.

Do you have a huge selection? One or two? Starbucks Coffee tumblers are awesome, cute, festive, and fun! Hard to pass one up!

How will Starbucks handle this Change?

"Customers at participating stores in the U.S. and Canada who bring any clean, personal cup will receive a $0.10 discount on their beverage, and in the U.S., Starbucks Rewards members will receive 25 Bonus Stars.*" - Source

Using reusable cups in the Cafe -

"In café, customers tell the barista when they order that they brought their own personal cup and hand over their personal cup to the barista. Customers choosing to sit and stay in café can also request a reusable ceramic or glass cup at most stores." Source

Using reusable cups in the drive-thu -

"In drive-thru, while ordering, customers order their beverage as usual, and let the barista know they brought their own cup. At the pickup window, baristas will collect customers’ personal cup without the lid using a contactless vessel to ensure hygiene and safety. The beverage will be returned the same way. " -Source

Using reusable cups for mobile orders -

"When customers order via the Starbucks app, first they will hit the “Customization” button and then select “Personal Cup” in the customization menu and continue ordering as normal. When they get to the store, customers connect with their barista at the pickup area, and hand over their clean personal cup without the lid. The barista will hand the beverage back in a contactless vessel. " - Source

Use Your Reusable cup for money off and all your Starbucks orders!

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