Picture this with me for a second:

You get a notification on your phone of a crazed Starbucks customer jumping the counter to steal the coveted Pink Stanley Starbucks Tumblers. Source

Then you realize!

Starbucks and Stanley teamed up for a tumbler?!

So, what did I do?!

I immediately jumped into my car and drove my happy butt to the nearest Starbucks stand.

Me to my boss: "I'll be right back, it's for.... content?"

I was just informed yesterday that Starbucks is even accepting the reusable cups via drive-thru and mobile orders too.

Bring Your Own Cup: Starbucks Reusable Cups for Drive-Thru and Mo (kw3.com)

So, I mean how perfect?! New Stanley cup, Starbucks drink inside to boot. Life is perfect right?!

Starbucks was sold out (insert crying face here)

Like why?! Does life hate me?! Hahaha ok I may be stretching a bit there but if you know anything about me, you know I have a problem with buying Starbucks cups. Like I should probably speak to someone about this addiction.

Apparently, the cups are being held behind the counter and only 1 per person while supplies last. Source

No matter your obsession, it's always such a treat to find that ONE limited edition item and then feel like you have a piece of gold. My piece of gold however is still out there, waiting patiently for me to fin her in all her pink glory.

PSA: If you are selling a pink Stanley tumbler, I will buy it from you for market price (don't try and charge more, I won't buy).

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