What will you do when you have no electricity? The very notion can scare people in today's world. If you don't believe me, watch a teenager with 5% phone battery. I received a notice from the power company last week that I was going to go without power. No, I didn't forget to pay the power bill (I double checked). The planned outage was due to scheduled maintenance.

Thankfully, the notice was so we could plan ahead: to make sure no food would spoil or the sudden power outage wouldn't break any electronics, and to give us fair warning to SAVE OUR WORK.


For me, I took the notice as an opportunity to plan out my powerless adventure. I stockpiled batteries, made sure my phone, and tablet and Nintendo switch were all fully charged. I'm sure the scouts' motto was never meant to be used in this way.

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So I was prepared, but I got thinking, what would I do if I had not gotten the notice? Most of the time when there's a power outage, it's abrupt and you have no idea how long it will last. The last time the power was interrupted, I realized how my dog feels when I lock him in his kennel and leave for an errand. To him, I could have been gone for an hour or a year, for a watch dog, he doesn't tell time very well.

Dog named Rusty, in a superman shirt

That was me in the last "unplanned" outage, but never again! I've brainstormed what to do without power, and I'm sharing my thoughts with the rest of you!

21 Activities To Kill Boredom During A Power Outage

When the powers out, don't freak out, check out these 21 activities to pass the time untill the power comes back on!

Gallery Credit: tsm/Timmy!

Pic Courtesy of Leann Jones
Pic Courtesy of Leann Jones

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