I'm deeply saddened to say that in the past 3 weeks, I have traveled all the way to Lake Sutherland, Riffe Lake, Rimrock Lake, Port Angeles, Hoodsport, and all spots in between, and I was not lucky (or unlucky) enough to see the elusive Bigfoot! I was so hoping to get a picture, and prove to the world once and for all that he exists... and is naturally blurry in real life!


I had my hopes in spotting him, in fact, just about a year ago, a Sasquatch (fancy name for Bigfoot) was spotted at Rimrock lake (you can read more about that here). And video was captured of SOMETHING (probably a Sasquatch) in Washington's Olympic Peninsula (check that out here). All the other places I went was just for family events, but I still kept an eye and an ear open for the PNW's favorite cryptid!

I know I'm not the only one who is interested and has even explored the forest looking for clues to this creatures existence. The fame of Bigfoot has taken many forms, movies, TV shows, comics, toys, games, beef jerky!

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The world loves Bigfoot, and so much so that the huge con dedicated to our fuzzy and mysterious friend is coming back to the Yakima Valley and it was just announced via social media!

"Finally!! We have confirmation that Bigfoot CON 2023 @ Legends Casino Hotel will be Happening the weekend of October 27th-29th!!"
- Bigfoot CON Facebook

The details are still being finalized with guest speakers, presenters and vendors. But now we know, and we can mark our calendars and get ready to Sasquatch Watch at the Yakima Valley Bigfoot Con! Keep an eye on the Bigfoot CON 2023 Yakima Facebook page for details as they're announced!

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