When I first heard about this video, the first thing that went through my mind was:

"Sir, you can't park there!"

But now that I've seen the video, my jaw has dropped, and so many more questions instead of jokes flood my mind!

A video was posted on the TriCitiesWa Reddit page showing the inside of an abandoned and submerged SUV sitting in the Yakima River near Van Giesen.

Posted by Reddit user, _User_51_, they ask, "Does anyone know the full story about this vehicle in the Yakima River in West Richland?"


The video shows a couple standing on top of a submerged SUV.

The cameraman then reaches down to film the inside of the vehicle.

Looking through the windshield, you can see the lake's overgrowth of plants, the seats inside, and part of a seat belt.

Inside the Jeep abandoned in Yakima river
byu/_User_51_ inTriCitiesWA

So, what is the deal with this vehicle? It has clearly been there for a while.

Many believe this is the same SUV that was abandoned in February of 2022.

How and why the vehicle went into the river is still a mystery (as best as I can find), but authorities know it's there and even posted on their social media asking the public not to call emergency services about it.

They also mentioned that " due to the location of the vehicle, it will likely remain in the river for a few weeks, but arrangements have been made to have it removed" – WRPD.

A few weeks looks like it has turned into a couple of years.

While the mystery of why and who deliberately rolled the SUV into the river still isn't solved, at least the camera crew didn't find anyone still strapped into those seats!

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