I've never been so excited or disappointed in one of my taste-testing reviews.

I'm sorry to spoil the article, but maybe my wife or my co-worker will have a different opinion of the new Twix candy.


The LEGAL C.Y.A.! I'm reviewing this product with no exception of compensation in any way by anyone. I purchased this candy with my own money because I wanted to try it. This article is in NO WAY a paid advertisement for or against this or any brand of candy.

box of Twix cookie dough candy


I wanted to like these. I love Twix and have enjoyed cookie dough, but this… not so much.

First, they look like puppy treats. Luckily, they don't taste like puppy treats (not that I know what those taste like… that I'd admit to).

To me, I got a super salty, caramel cookie dough taste. No TWIX flavor. No cookie flavor.

This might be the first type of candy that I said out loud, "Nope, I'm done."

Twix cookie dough bites

2nd Opinion of TWIX Cookie Dough

My wife loves Twix more than I do. She joked that with all the little pieces, we don't know which ones are lefts and rights. "Lefts always taste better."

I guess she must have gotten a "Right" because she was not impressed.

"I can taste a little caramel, but overall not good." – My Wife.

3rd Opinion of TWIX Cookie Dough

My co-worker John Riggs was the first person I saw at work, so I gave him a couple to try.

He immediately warned me he's not a big cookie dough fan but decided to take one for the team.

"Gross! I got the cookie dough, but where's the Twix? Where's the Twix cookie flavor?" – John Riggs

nutrition facts on a box of candy

In most of my reviews, I remind people that taste (much like comedy) is subjective and to try it for themselves.

But honestly, if you're craving a TWIX, get the regular candy bar and don't risk your money.

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