What is Jugger? It's a sport. I'd like to say it's a new sport, but to the best of my knowledge, it premiered in a 1989 Australian film called The Salute of the Jugger.

The film was released in the United States as The Blood of Heroes. It was created by the film's writer and director, David Webb Peoples, and stunt coordinator Guy Norris.

How is Jugger Played?

The game takes place on a 40-meter by 20-meter field. The "Jugg" (a ball or, depending on the version you're playing, a skull) is in the center of the field.

The goal is to get the Jugg to the other team's goal at each end of the field. Each team has 5 players, but only one (the "Kwik" or "Runner") can touch and carry the Jugg.

The other four players are called Enforcers or Pompfers. They are armed with weapons and armor and meant to keep the path clear for the Kwik to score the point (by slamming the Jugg on the opponent's goal post/spike).

graphic of soccer field, and a spike with a skull. Inner picture of a woman crushing a ball on a spike
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The rules can vary depending on the league and the particular game, and a game can be completed at 5 to 7 points or within a certain time frame to determine a winner.

Here's where the fun comes into play. The enforcers can carry swords, sticks, shields, pads, etc. Think of LARPing (Live Action Role Play) or those war reenactments. For standard Jugg players, these weapons are covered in foam, and things are around the same "roughness" as you'd find in Rugby.

According to The International Jugger Council, there are only a handful of leagues in the United States, with two of them in Washington:

These teams are excellent and hardcore with their passion, but are they extreme enough for the unofficial sport to the end of the world?


There are very few armored, full-contact Jugger leagues—the kind that treats the sport as it was originally portrayed in the 1989 film—something straight out of Mad Max! It is brutal, there are injuries, and there are fights, but also respect, comradery, and love!

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An Extreme Jugger Festival!

In my research for this article, I learned about "Wasteland Weekend." 4 Days of Mad Max, Fallout, Rick & Morty big arm episode, post-apocalyptic epicness that takes place in the middle of the Mojave Desert!

We need more Jugger in Washington—both varieties—the standard and the extreme! Would I play it? Probably not. I'm not athletic, and I know when I'd be crushed. But would I become a diehard fan? I already have!

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