In the opening scenes of the film, Violent Night, you see not one, but two different Santas at the bar. One is, of course, the real Santa and the other, just a run of the mill mall Santa. They discuss how long they’ve been playing Santa, how they got their starts, and the real Santa eventually mentions how he has to get back to work, after all, it’s Christmas Eve, the toys won’t deliver themselves. I could go more into details about this film (I loved it) but the main point is, Santa (a couple of them) spent Christmas Eve at the bar!

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If you’d like to ring in the holidays like the Santas I mentioned above, I reached out to some of our local bars to find out if they’ll be open on Christmas Eve. The short answer. Yup! Every single one I talked to said they would be open on Christmas Eve. “If we weren’t open, where would Santa take a shot at?” was the common response.

So if you’re the type of person to take your family members out for a drink the night before the big celebration, or if you’re stressed from hustle and bustle and just want an escape, go for it! Be safe, stay warm and tip generously.

I did have a few of the bars comment how they plan to be open, but if it’s dead, they may close up early. Why not? Just know this if you decide to head out, you might want to call your favorite watering hole just to see if they still have the Christmas lights on.


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