What Is the best date night restaurant in Spokane? If you're up for it, we've got some great suggestions.

Date Night shouldn't be that hard. It gets tough when you really want to impress someone and you don't know which restaurant in Spokane will seal the deal, so to speak.

I once recommended a restaurant in Seattle to one of my friends when he asked me for help wooing this lady he had met. I told him to go to The Pink Door. They are currently married now.

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I'm not saying that I'm Cupid, but I am saying that I have a great track record letting people know where to go for a night of delicious food with a romantic atmosphere.

My first suggestion for the best date night in Spokane is the Clinkerdagger.

It's right there on the water, you have beautiful views of the Dam; it's just a perfect place to go.

Clinkerdagger restaurant in Spokane, WA
Clinkerdagger via Google Maps

The next place comes highly recommended from Spokane locals. If you ever want to get the inside scoop on Spokane, try Reddit!

Wooden City

Here are some other great date night restaurants to try in Spokane:

  • Baba

  • Durkins

  • Wild Sage

  • Vieux Carre

  • and Gilded Unicorn

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