Say what you want about the insane cost of living in Seattle, the tiny town of Fremont (West Seattle) is actually one of the coolest and most fun places to visit and live in Washington state.

Even I would live there if I could!

Easy Coops says that Fremont was voted one of the most idyllic places in America!

What is so special about Fremont? Let me count the ways (well, at least five of them).

5 Things We Love About Fremont_ One of the Most Idyllic Places
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The Troll Under the Bridge

Let's start with the most obvious and most famous thing to love about this town: The Fremont Troll.

It has no first name, so I just call him Troll, Fremont Troll. (He's like the James Bond of trolls, I guess?)

He's stoic, thoughtful, and reliable.



The Solstice Parade

@kelcielei Happy Solstice!! 🌞 #fremontsolsticeparade #seattletiktok #seattlesummer #fremontseattle ♬ nintendo wii (mii channel) song - julie on the internet

This annual event is another famous thing tied to the town of Fremont.

You'll see naked people riding bikes, tons of fun floats with great music to dance to, and drink specials at all the bars along the parade route.

Thousands of people flock to the Solstice Parade every year in Fremont.




The Barrel Thief in Fremont Seattle
The Barrel Thief via Google Maps

The first time I visited Fremont, I got there by accident. Before the invention of having GPS apps in our cell phones, I used to be notorious among my friends for getting lost in Seattle.

I stumbled upon a brew pub in Fremont and found everyone so friendly! The most popular brewery in Fremont has just been sold to another company but people will still visit there in droves. Another place that's loved is The Barrel Thief!

When in Rome Fremont, put dining out on your tourist to-do list!




Where Is the Lenin Statue in Fremont located?
Lenin Statue, located at 3526 Fremont Pl N in Seattle, Google Street View

You can visit a record store, explore a vintage mall, see a pumpkin head on the statue of Lenin during Halloween time, and grab a bite to eat at one of the area's reputable restaurants!



Celebrity Spotting

Joe Jonas spotted in Fremont Seattle
Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Samsung

Many of grunge music's biggest artists, burlesque dancers, and acquitted convicted ex-criminals lived in the Fremont area (Eddie Vedder, Gypsy Rose Lee, Amanda Knox, to name a few).

Fremont is also a secret place to see Hollywood and the entertainment industries biggest stars roaming the streets, like Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers who was allegedly spotted in Fremont a few months back.

Celebs don't faze the locals; they couldn't give a rip, but to us out-of-towners, that's so freakin' cool!


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