Noah Thompson and HunterGirl returned to the American Idol stage to offer up a catchy duet on Sunday night’s (April 23) episode.

Thompson kicked things off, launching into his song “One Day Tonight.” For the performance, the stage was transformed to look like a quaint cabin in the woods. HunterGirl joined the country party about a quarter way through the song and brought an extra dose of energy to the stage.

"One Day Tonight" was originally released by Thompson and reimagined to include HunterGirl in the duet version they performed together. The song follows a sweet melody and tells the story of a young couple dreaming of forever.

Although not all of their dreams will come true immediately, Thompson — as the narrator — longs for the day he can provide his love with all she desires.

After the performance, host Ryan Seacrest joined the pair and asked what it’s like to be back on the Idol stage since their season concluded. HunterGirl explained that she’s been on tour with Thompson, and they actually have another show together next week. The pair competed against one another in Season 20.

The duet version of “One Day Tonight” is now available for purchase. American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8PM ET on ABC.

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